Friday, December 28, 2012

4 Country Strong World Fear America

1. North Korea
North Korea's military frightening specter for American. It is a country with a member of the 4th largest military on the planet, and spend a larger portion of its GDP utuk military budget than any other state. Also the existence of a secret nuclear weapons and are not recorded by the UN.
2. Iran
negara kuat di dunia yang ditakuti amerikaIt's easy to see why Americans fear Iran. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and said the United States is the real mastermind behind 9/11. And to this day Americans still give full attention to the actions and words of Ahmadinejad, which is why Ahmadinejad is still a very influential figure in the ranks of the U.S. eternal enemy. Although the military's annual budget is around nine billion dollars, which puts them in the order such as Greece and Australia. Iranian Nuclear power is something that can be a serious threat, was so serious as to CIA intervened to kill some Iranian Nuclear Expert.
3. China
negara kuat di dunia yang ditakuti amerikaAccording to The New York Post, America already owes China so much so that China could destroy the U.S. economy whenever they want. The media tends to portray America as a loser and China as brothers and sisters who continue to lend money. Although China still depends on the U.S. and there is also the assumption if they decide to withdraw the economic base in the United States, they will also drop its own economy because so much of China in the U.S. market. Keungulan in education of China, China began long beat United in educating their children, they even produce college graduates
4. Rusia
negara kuat di dunia yang ditakuti amerikaRussia has the world's highest number of weapons that landline number 79.985. 22 800 is Tank. Russia has a total of 526 Naval War Machine and has 3.888 udara.Kekuatan Russian forces are not as good as the predecessor of the Soviet Union has many Martian, now Russia has only one lone ship Admiral Kuznetsov indul and most Alutsistanya soviet-era relics, slowly, under the command of Vladimir Putin. Russia's pursuit of the title "Superpower" her again.


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