Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The term in Pencak Silat

  1. Kuda - Kuda is the position of the foot tread to strengthen the position of the body. The horses were strong and sturdy it is important to maintain the position of the body that are not easily dropped. Horse-riding is also important to resist the urge or a basic starting point of attack (kick or punch)
  2. Attitude and Motion: Pencak Silat system is composed of attitudes (positions) and gestures (movements). When a fighter moves when fighting stance and movements change with the change in the opposite positions on an ongoing basis. Soon after finding weaknesses opponent's defense, then fighters will try to beat your opponent with a fast attack.
  3. Langkah : The hallmark of Silat is the use of a step. This step is important in martial arts game is good and right. There are some recognizable patterns of steps, for example, step three and step four.
  4. Kembangan is the hand movements and gestures made ​​with care, wary of the enemy's movements, as well as enemy lurks gap. The main development is usually done at the beginning of the game and be  to anticipate the attack or deceive the enemy. Often motion resembles a dance or martial arts development in the Sunda maenpo like ngibing (jig). Development is one of the main assessment in the arts of martial arts that promotes the beauty of the movement.
  5. Buah : Pencak Silat has a range of a lot of defense and attack techniques. Traditionally the term of this technique can be likened to the fruit. Ordinary fighter uses hands, elbows, arms, legs, knees and feet in the attack. Common techniques including kicks, punches, blocks, sweep, locking, throwing, holding, breaking joints, and others.
  6. Jurus : fighters practice moves. Kick is a series of basic movements for the upper body and lower, which is used as a guide to mastering the use of advanced techniques of martial arts (fruit), as done for practice singly or in pairs. Using a step, or a small body movements, teaches the use of setting foot. When combined, that Basic Pasan, or flow throughout the body.
  7. Sapuan and Guntingan is one type of fruit (engineering) dropped the enemy by attacking enemy horses, which kicked off with sweeping or clamp (cut) leg enemy, so the enemy off balance and fall.
  8. Kuncian is a technique to knock out your opponent so helpless, unable to move, or to disarm the enemy. Lockdown involves avoiding movement, trickery, and fast movements that usually target the wrists, arms, neck, jaw, or shoulder enemy.


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