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5 Characters Innovators

Interesting read a book written by Carmine Gallo titled Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs). Which makes it interesting is that Carmine Gallo not only tells the story of how Steve Jobs to innovate, but also outlines how the other innovators struggling to generate great works that are useful to humans. Gallo also managed to present a common thread, gather important characters that must be owned by an innovator. With these characters, the innovators move and fight that could eventually produce the works of the legendary innovations in the world. In this paper I present the 5 characters that must be owned by the innovators, who I rangkumkan of writing Carmine Gallo and a few other ideas from my writings. This material also I have said in the seminar on Technopreneurship at several campuses.


Steve Jobs is the best example of how she loves what she does. In 1976, Steve Jobs founded Apple, 10 years later he was expelled from the company he founded himself. Do not give up, keep fighting Jobs slowly build company called Next. The next step to acquire the computer division of Lucasfilm grahics, which later was named Pixar. Pixar hands and finally drove the success of the legendary animated works such as Toy Story. Eventually joined Pixar to Disney, where Jobs became Disney's largest shareholder. With conditions such success, Jobs still decided to return to Apple in 1996, to save the company he founded that his condition was nearly destroyed. In two years, Jobs managed to turn Apple into a nearly bankrupt company that has profit. One of the famous phrase Jobs when asked, why could survive with all this, "The only thing keeping me going was that I loved what I did." Yes when we love what we do, no one can make us give up the fight.

Love and passion is also what makes James Dyson willingly experimented for more than 5 years, and have 5126 failure to make dual cyclone vacuum cleaner without a bag. When it finally was, Dyson still be disappointed because no one vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the UK, the country of his birth, which would adopt his work. Until finally forced self-produced and sold not in England, but in a country that is far from reaching Japan.

Eli Harari, who earned a PhD from Princeton University in the field of semiconductors, also had made a big mistake by trying to innovate to make a fishing pole. Though Harari did not like fishing and never even go fishing. Innovation ended in fiasco. When Harari decided to re-cultivate the field he loved, was born USB flash memory innovation is legendary to this day, who founded the company SanDisk deliver them. Harari himself eventually dubbed the father of the famous and flash.

Google is a company that understands that love and passion can make a person productive. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin makes policy Innovation Time Off, where the employee may allocate 20% of their work time to do the work they love and become their passion. And a few years later, the reality proves that the Innovation Time Off which is only 20% of the formal labor time, managed to generate more than 50% of new Google products and services today.


The vision of life to leave footprints in the universe is also a mandatory character for the innovators. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook said that, all he is doing is not about making money, facebook was made for the world to be open to anyone, by connecting the social attributes of each person who created an account there.

When Steve Wozniak founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976, said that, their vision is to change the world by producing computers for ordinary people. Computers for ordinary people, is a vision and a dream that is too big in 1976. Because at that time the computer is not allowed to use the layman, there is no user interface in addition to an adequate, not many applications for daily use, as well as its physical size is very, very large.

Vision is important to leave a trail when we observe how Xerox could have mastered all the information technology industry in the era of the 1970s. Because they are a pioneer in almost all advanced products in the world of information technology. The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is already successfully developed an application-based graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse device, which in that era, no one has managed to produce. Instead Steve Jobs visit to PARC which eventually became the world's most historic visit industrial PC (personal computer), because Steve Jobs was the one who ultimately can innovate with products cheat Xerox PARC for Apple product development computer vision that could be used for the common man. Steve Jobs said that if Xerox had a vision to leave a mark on the universe, the conditions will be different this time. Instead, Adele Goldberg, one of the founder and Xerox executives say that, "allow Steve Jobs visited Xerox PARC was the worst decision in the history of the corporation in the world".

3. Squeeze BRAIN

No man is stupid, because the human brain that weighs 1 kg, it only consumes less than 1% of the human being, and only 4-5% by human genius like Albert Einstein. The remaining 95-99% of our brain that we use only and not idle. We must realize that we have not been up to use our brains. Ignorance is not because we do not have the capacity to be clever, ignorance is our unwillingness to learn and work hard. The story of Adam Khoo's life in his book "I am gifted and so are you ...", reminds us that there's no stupid people in this world. Adam Khoo as SD scores always bad and labeled stupid, then slowly got up and managed to become number one in junior high, high school and university, until the effort and learn the rigors managed to become the youngest billionaire at the age of 25 years in Singapore.

Aaron Stern even taking steps to remedy insane prove that it was not born a genius, but a genius can be created. The study was conducted with the object of research of his own daughter named Edith Stern. Edith was born brought up in sterile environments that support to make a comeback. As a result, Edith managed to finish reading the Encyclopedia Britannica at age 5, has an IQ of 200, and get a PhD in mathematics at the age of 15 years. Edith Project was initiated by Aaron Stern proves that human intelligence can be trained to achieve a higher level. Once again there is no person in this world who are stupid, there are people who do not want to try and work hard.


Roger Wolcott Sperry, one of neurology experts say that the human brain consists of two hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain, which has a different function. The left brain tends to deal with things logical, algorithmic and mathematical, while taking care of the right brain intuition and imagination. Intelligent human beings are human beings who can combine the left and right brain. Many people think that should always think logically, when in fact, business decisions are often incurred by using instinct and intuition are in fact using the right brain. Even Albert Einstein was a genius who can be said in science and exact sciences, said that imagination is more important than knowledge. With the imagination of the right brain, Einstein could freely without limits formulate various theories that exist beyond the reach of human logic at the time.

Steve Jobs also relies on the concept of thinking differently to balance the left and right brain when developing Apple products. Apple launched the iPod, the music player device, which is actually a common product and has been there before. The difference with other music players product is the ability to connect an iPod Jobs with music sales service which he built is called iTunes. Association iPod device and iTunes are creative ideas that in his time no one has tried to develop it.


Character recent innovators is the ability to convey a message. Communications expert Gregory Berns said that one could have a good idea of ​​the new and different, but all will be in vain if you can not convince a lot of people. One factor that makes us able to convince others is when we are able to change the language difficult technique into language that is easily understood by ordinary people.

Marc Russell Benioff, Salesforce founder, a company engaged in the field of cloud application services using attractive terms for manusiakan discusses cloud computing terminology. The end of software, such jargon Salesforce. Benioff wanted to show that the normal way to sell software is complete, and now it's time to sell the software as a service (software as a service). With this, using the software is the same condition as we use electricity or telephone. We just need to pay the rent of the service (software) that we use on a periodic basis, either monthly or yearly.

When launching the iPad, Steve Jobs does not use words that are difficult and sophisticated technique, he just said that, "The iPad is a magical tool is revolutionary in an astounding price." When it introduced the MacBook Air, Jobs also just says "MacBook Air is the world's thinnest notebook". Steve Jobs presented the iPod with the language, "iPod, a thousand songs in your pocket". According to research conducted by Todd Bishop, the phrase used by Steve Jobs has a fog index between 5-7, while other IT luminaries such as Bill Gates has a fog index of 9-11. Fog index is the number of years of education required of a reader to understand a word. Imagine 6th grade elementary school children had no trouble following the speech of Steve Jobs!


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