Wednesday, December 26, 2012

8 Differences Windows 8 with Windows 7

What are the difference Here are eight differences Windows 8 with Windows 7, as quoted by Tech Radar, Tuesday (30/10).
1. Features Touch Screen
The most basic of Windows 8 with Windows 7 is the touch screen feature. Actually in Windows 7 has none of these features, it's just less than the maximum. To that end, Windows 8 was created as a complement touch screen Windows 7. For those who do not have a PC with touch screen features, you need not worry. Therefore, this feature can be operated on at a normal PC with the help of the trackpad from Microsoft to be able to detect a touch of the users.
2. Screen or the Start Button
Unlike Windows 7, the Start button in Windows 8 hidden. This button works similar to the Home screen on Windows Phone and only appears when you point your mouse arrow or mouse to the bottom left corner.
3. Multi-Monitor Feature Better
A few of us there that use more than one monitor to one PC. However, this requires a good desktop management. Now you can open the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the other monitor. You can even have a background that is different from one monitor to the other monitor.
4. Features Charms
Windows 8 Charms feature that has not been installed in Windows 7. With this feature, you can access the menu Search, Share, Devices and Settings just by pointing the mouse to the right of the screen.
5. Search and Social Windows 8
In addition to features Charms, Search menu can also be done in the Start menu as in Windows 7. In Windows 8, you can easily and quickly access social networks, because of the application of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are already contained in the display automatically. In fact, you can receive immediate notification of social networking.
6. Have Windows 8 ARM Devices
If the previous Windows only supports PCs with AMD or Intel x86-based, now Windows 8 can also be used in some devices that use ARM. This is done to be able to compete with the iPad and Android tablets. However, only Windows 8 type RT (Run Time) who have these ARM devices.
7. Windows Store
Windows Store is a major part of Windows 8, which provides a wide range of applications, both free and paid. You can open the Store menu with Charms as described previously. If the application has had to be updated, you can easily download, easy to update applications on iOS or Android.
8. Cloud Features Windows 8
Now, there is a feature in Windows 8 Cloud. With this feature, you can synchronize your data to the application Skydrive. In addition, you can also save your data from or to Skydrive. (ANS)


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