Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weapon in Pencak Silat

In addition to empty hand fighting, martial arts also recognize a variety of weapons. among other things:
1. Kris: a small knife stabbing weapon-shaped, often with a wavy blade made ​​by folding different types of metal together and then washing in acid.
2. Cleaver: typical Sundanese blade
3. Side / Linso: silk scarf worn around the waist or shoulder, used in locking techniques and for defense against a knife.
4. Galah: stick made ​​of wood, steel or bamboo.
5. Cindai: fabric, usually used as a sarong or wrapped as head gear. Traditional women cover their heads with cloth that can be converted into cindai.
6. Tongkat / Toya: walking stick carried by the elderly, travelers and travelers.
7. Fan: traditional folding fans skeleton can be made ​​of wood or iron.
8. Kerambit / Kuku Machan: A blade shaped like a tiger's claws that can be inserted in the woman's hair.
9. Crescent / sickle: a sickle, commonly used in agriculture, cultivating and harvesting crops.
10. Sundang: a double edge sword Bugis, often wavy-bladed
11. Rencong: a slightly curved dagger Aceh
12. Pepper Mash: small dagger is also slightly curved like rencong, literally means "destroyer of pepper".
13. Gada: blunt weapon made ​​of steel.
14. Spear: javelin made ​​of bamboo, steel or wood that sometimes has feathers attached near the blade.
15. Parang / Machete: short sword used in everyday tasks such as combing the forest cutting.
16. Trident: three sula or three-pronged weapon
17. Chabang / Branch: short-handled trident, literally meaning "branch".


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